Gurukulam- School management software

Why you need Gurukulam

Whether it be a mobile, TV, Watch or Fridge or Whatever, everything is becoming SMART. With the Technologies being so advanced and so smart, why can’t the school/college management?

Gurukulam is one such application which makes your institution’s management smart and advanced. With over years fo research and requirement analysis, we have come up with the product.

Our Software can make a great impact on your students, teachers, parents and even on your competitors. Gurukulam is not just a software, It’s a Digital School!


  • Paper work reduced by 60%
  • Reduced Manpower up to 5
  • Share your reports any where, anytime
  • Easy, Fast and Robust

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

Gurukulam is a unique platform for Students,Parents,Teachers and Administrators. Here are some of the features which makes us outstanding!

  • Accounting
  • Cloud based
  • News & Events
  • LeaderBoard (Students/Teachers)
  • Lightweight
  • Online Exams
  • SMS/Mail integrated



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