Current Opening!

To whom this opportunity is?

We are looking for Graduates from any degree preferably MBA.

What I have to do?

We have some awesome and trendy products developed and ready to be deployed for both the mobile and web platforms. All you have to do is market the products on our behalf.

Any specific skillset required?

Ø  Good communication skills (We are not saying that it should be in English), having good command over English is an added advantage.

Ø  Marketing skills.

Ø  He or She should be Self-Motivated and the person who can bring the positive energy to the team.

How much is my Pay?

We will NOT pay you by Salary.

Then how can I earn? Should I work for FREE?

Absolutely NO! You don't have to work for free. You can earn up to 1 lakh per month by tying up with us!

1 lakh per month? How it works?

Let's say you are promoting our product called X which is needed by a school. The school needs to use the X for its 1000 students. The pricing per head in current market is 400 INR (Indian National Rupee).

Suppose you are selling the product to 1000 students for the price of 200 INR, the amount you will be getting is 2 lakh. Our rate is 100 per head, so we will get one lakh and you will get one lakh.

Product rate in market=400/-

The rate you sell (assumption) = 200/-

Our Expectation (In this case) = 100/-

No. of Students=1000

Total amount=1000*200=2,00,000/-

Profit you get=1,00,000/-

Amount We get=1,00,000/-

It's a WIN-WIN!

(NOTE: The only work done by you is marketing, we will take care of all the technical works)


If that is so much easy, why can't you promote your product by yourself?

We are technical people and the developers of the product and not the marketing type. If we spend more time on Marketing, our development activities will get affected.

Why choose us?

It's very simple. We are transparent and genuine and we can prove it!

Similar kind of product promotion is happening with % commission basis and the maximum percentage commission you get is 10%.

Product rate in market=400/-

The rate you sell (assumption) = 200/-

No. of Students=1000

Total amount=1000*200=2,00,000/-

Commission you get= 10% of 2 lakhs is 20,000/- only.

Profit They get=1,80,000/- (A lakh and eighty thousand.)

Now compare this amount with the profit you got in our scheme!

20,000 or 1,00,000 which is better?  Ask yourselves.

I'm satisfied with your pricing. But I don’t know about your product, how can I promote it?

We will give proper training about product for you before marketing and all the documents related to promoting will be shared.

I did promote your product but didn't make any sale? Will I get any payment from you?

  1. Ours is Pay per Sale Strategy. You will be paid if you make any sale.

Will you guys work out of Trichy?

We will work on all over Tamil Nadu and nearby states like Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra, if you brought any clients from there.

What will be my payment mode?

You will be paid only through Cash or Direct Bank Transfer.

Have more questions?

Call us +91-9791472657 to book an appointment and Visit us to get it clarified!

Looking forward to working with YOU!