Hi there,

Almost every college students will have this question and would have searched google many times with this question. I’m damn sure about that. So let me guess what kind of approaches you found by your google search. Remember the below listed ways will not work most of the times.



Ways in which you cannot earn money:

  •  Reading e-mails
  •  Forwarding messages
  •  Taking online survey
  •  Click ads in websites
  •  Home based typing job
  •  Like Facebook pages and the list will keep on going.

Why do these won’t work?

The answer is simple. Most of the times our search term will be “How to earn online without much effort”, “Earn online easily”, “I’m a student, I want a part time job and a decent pay online”, “how to earn money from home in Chennai without investment” and so on.

Have you noticed in all the search terms, there is a hidden message and that is people wants to earn and they don’t want to spend much time, much effort and most importantly they don’t want to do any investment. So basically what we are expecting is getting something for doing nothing. How come this is possible?

Why you shouldn’t be relying on these techniques?

No one is going to pay that is the primary reason.

Most of these websites are fake.

Even if they pay, it will be very less. (i.e ) It will be very difficult to earn even 100 rupees. Obiviosuly you will give up very soon.

Then how to earn money online without being cheated? I will share one of the reliable ways to earn money online. This method will work like a charm.

Mobile applications development is one of the legitimate ways to earn money.

It may look simple and some people might wonder how one can earn money from app development. Trust me; this will help students a lot. Let’s go a bit deeper on how developing a mobile application will help you earning?

You can monetize your app by putting ads on it with the help of Admob. Here are some links which will give you an overview on how much you can earn from your app.



NOTE: This post is not meant to teach how to develop and android app and earn from it. This post is intended to clarify students that what are the unusual and highly recommended way to earn while they learn.

Even if the students are not getting any revenues from their app that’s fine. Because they have learned android, deploying the apps in the play store, app store optimization (ASO). It will be really good if they cool stuff like this in their resume.

If you need guidance on developing android app, deploying it in play store, admob, ASO and other related stuff, you can visit www.designexperts.co.in/courses

I will be writing many other cool ways to earn with the help of technology in the coming days. Follow us to be updated.

There are plenty of opportunities online to earn money. In this post I’m going to share one of those methods in a detailed manner.


The world has seen many ages like Stone Age, Bronze Age and various marketing strategies. We are now in the Age of Internet, and the current and future marketing strategy for this platform is Affiliate Marketing.

If I have to say this in a layman’s word, you will be paid for referring a customer to an organisation. Still not clear? Let me explain in a pictorial way. The below info graphic may not be clear. Download that image and zoom the same for better clarity.  The info graphic below was taken from “suggarrae.com”. If this credit has not been given, she will kill me!

How Affiliate Marketing works?

Imagine this scenario. You have purchased one brand new Apple “iPhone” from a store. You are completely satisfied with the product and referring all your friends to buy the same phone from that store. And everybody is buying as per your advice. The next morning that store owner is coming and giving you some amount of dollars as a token of appreciation for referring the customers. Wouldn’t that be nice? Is this possible? Of course this is possible! And that is AFFILIATE MARKETING.snap-1

Alright. We got the concept of affiliate marketing. I want to earn from affiliate marketing. Can you explain us HOW?

Ok then. It’s time to dive deeper into affiliate marketing!

I request you to follow the steps in order to get the complete knowledge. Please just don’t skim through the document and search for the images alone. At the end of this tutorial I will also share the sites that are making money from this strategy.

This is one of the strategies of Affiliate marketing. It would be better if you are aware of the other strategies of Affiliate marketing.

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  1. A website with good content.
  2. Good friends
  3. Decent Number of traffic (Visitors)
  4. Products or services to promote.
  5. Capacity to predict the market.

Now let us elaborately discuss about the above mentioned stuffs to become an affiliate marketer.

A website with good content: The first and foremost thing to earn money via this opportunity is to own a website. You don’t need to be a coding expert or a master in HTML, PHP and CSS to create a website. There are plenty of options available online to create a website within a minute. Or you can just contact (+91 9791472657) our best web designing team in Trichy to create your website.

Ok. I have started a website. I don’t want to waste time anymore. Tell me how to earn money instantly!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold on for a second. We have just created a website. Will anyone read a blank paper interestingly? Will you read a blank paper? NO, right!

Now it’s time to write the content for your website. Don’t just copy and paste anything that you find in the internet blindly. And don’t think that no one can notice or catch you. Today’s search Engines has smarter algorithm to detect such type of content. Why am I saying this here?  I did the same when I was in initial stage of blogging. I copied and pasted everything I saw on web. And it took me years to rectify this mistake. So please prepare contents that are unique, and contents that will gain readers attention. Always remember, the traffic for your site depends on your content. So please pay more attention in generating the good quality content.

Good friends:  You may wonder why this guy has included FRIENDS in this list. There is a reason for this. Do you think maintaining a website is that simple? Maintaining a website is simple if you have good friends. Being a single man, it will be very difficult to run a website. Involve like-minded people in this along with you. Teach them, learn from them. Try to increase the friends circle, both on and offline. This will help you in gaining confidence and also the TRAFFIC J we need!

Decent Number of traffic (Visitors): In order to earn online, traffic is the most important thing. You can earn money easily (?) by referring people. For that you need people to visit your website. Try to gain more number of visitors. If you have good quality content and friends then gaining the visitor is not a big problem.

Products or services to promote: After getting all the above mentioned requirements, it’s time to sign up with any seller to promote their products or services. This is the most important step, as this is the one that will give us earning. Sign up with the sites that are relevant to the content of your site. If you fail in signing up with the correct person, it will be difficult to sell the products. Most of the new affiliate marketers are doing some mistakes which may cause a serious issue. Let me clarify with you an example. Consider you are running a website that contains review about the latest gadgets and mobiles. Then you must sign up with the online sellers of these products like Amazon. If you sign up with any other like friend finders, tourist guides or matrimonial services sites, no one will buy those products from your site. That is why I am insisting in signing with relevant affiliate program. As I said earlier, I will explain some of the successful sites that earn from affiliate marketing. After seeing that, you may get the importance of this step.

Capacity to predict the market: I think I don’t need to explain this step, as the title itself conveys the meaning. My friends have misunderstood when I said this point. There is a common misconception among people. “Capacity to predict the market” means JUST have a basic foreseeing about the products that you are selling. You don’t need to be market analysing expert.

Let me explain this with a real incident. One of my friends has started a website about the latest mobiles in the market and upcoming mobiles. He posted various articles and the expectations about the upcoming mobile “Moto-e” (during the creation of this content). He explained everything about that mobile in a clear manner and when the mobile was launched, he earned a considerable amount as referral commission. I hope you are now clear about what I have said.

(NOTE: Please don’t think that these are the only steps that are required to make money from affiliate marketing. The steps illustrated in this are basic and must have. I suggest you people to do a research about the basic terminologies used in this field, read the terms and conditions of the affiliate programs, FAQs about affiliate marketing)


There are numerous sites that are earning a lot from affiliate marketing. Here I have just taken a website for illustration.

Most of you people have heard about “smartprix.com”. The nature of the site is to compare the price of the products from leading online store and helping the user to a best buy.snap-2

This is how the price comparing page looks.



If you click shop from Amazon button, the page gets redirected to Amazon’s page. Note the “url” in the address field. Can you see “tag=smartprix-21”? This is the unique tracking id given by Amazon to track the sale. When the user bought the product from the referral link, Amazon will give the commission as per the rate described.


I have seen people set up a website today and expecting income from affiliate marketing tomorrow. This strategy will work only when the guidelines are followed along with the intelligence of the user. So please act accordingly and don’t lose hope. PATIENCE is the most important thing that is needed!

Thanks for reading such a lengthy post! Happy Earning! Are you an affiliate marketer then let us know what strategy you are using to make a sale! Please share this with your friends if you like this post!

9 Steps for Writing the Quality Content for your website

Hello Friends,

Writing the quality contents is the real challenge for every blogger because the first time visitor is going to visit your website consequently if and only if you have good quality of contents.  I have seen most of the newbies spending their time in decorating their website with lots of gadgets, fancy colors. Always remember friends, design is not only the thing to attract the audience. Of course, design is also an important factor to get the visitors but that alone can’t help. Will you buy a car which is good looking in the exterior but has no Engine? You won’t, because for a car the engine is the most important thing and for a bog/website the content is the most important thing. So it’s time to stop decorating and focusing on the content writing.

I have tried my level best to make this post evergreen, so that even after years if anyone is reading will get benefitted. I have covered some basic and must follow sections of content writing here.

 9 Must follow tips for effective and quality content writing:

  1. Decide the topic/concept/main idea: I hope the title itself is giving the explanation. This is the first and foremost thing to be considered for writing the quality content. Don’t just pick any topic and write something on that. Choose a topic that matches and supports the theme of your website. For example if you are taking health tips as your niche, you should write about health tips and not about the Politics. Always have a habit of reading a lot related to your domain. Find the websites which are similar to yours and do some research on them. Approach your similar websites with the below strategy:
  2. What are the topics they have covered?
  3. Analyze what could be done better? By doing this you will get some ideas to improve your site.
  4. Do a research on your similar sites comments section. The end users of any product will expect quality. This is applicable for websites also. The readers love to read the good quality content and if you incorporate their suggestions in your writing then no one can stop you from writing quality contents.
  5. Don’t divert the topic: The next step to add your Facebook like box in your website is to add the below piece of code. Feeling confused? Why this guy is writing about Facebook like box now. There is a reason. You will get the lost feeling when the topic is diverted and when this happens, user will get irritated and leave your website for sure. So never ever divert your topic and your audience. Try to stick around the topic you write.
  6. Make it readable: I have seen many websites using yellow background and white fonts. Is this visible? The only thing that your reader will get is eye strain. Always use white background and black text at-least for the content area.
  7. Decide the tone: I prefer writing as if I were narrating. I believe that this tone will engage my audience and make them feel that I am talking to them.
  8. Introduce the main idea soon: If you write three paragraphs on introduction without introducing the main idea, the reader will get annoyed and will leave your website. So I suggest not creating too much hype as if you were introducing a super hero. Bring the concept as soon as possible.
  9. Make a neat Alignment: Rather than writing everything in paragraph. Try to give the content using points if it is needed.

By doing so, the reader will get a clear picture of what you are trying to convey without much efforts.

  1. Usage of Word Editors: If you are using notepad to create your contents, you can’t get rid of the typographical errors. Use Microsoft Word or some good word editors to create your content as they have built in spell check and grammar check. Pay attention to the suggestions given by your word editor and rephrase your sentences accordingly. Even most of the pro bloggers are making grammatical and spelling mistakes. This will reduce the impression of your website.
  2. Edit your post after Writing: Even professional writers can’t write great posts in the first draft. You may have missed any errors during the drafting. So it is better to read the post thrice after drafting and correct if any errors are there. Don’t involve in styling the content during the course of drafting because you may forget the ideas that you intended to write. So better make the styles after finishing the draft. Always keep the habit of making hints in a sticky note or in a notepad. This will help you remember the main ideas.
  3. Make the habit of giving credits: If you are using someone else’s content then better give a credit to them. This will make your readers think that you are a genuine guy. “Internet is a vast ocean who is going to find me copying?” if this is your thought then you are taking a risk of losing your readers. It will create a negative impression over you and your site among the readers and they will never visit your site again. Even if you escape from your audience, Google has lots of algorithms to find the copy cats.

Creating a quality content is not an easy task but if practiced it is not a difficult one. So keep practicing and keep writing good contents. The above mentioned are my view points. Why can’t you add your valuable suggestion to write a great content in the comment section? Contact us for writing great contents for your website at a minimal low cost.