Design Experts is one of the very few companies which follows Agile and Devops model in Trichy. Below are the stages that your website or any other product will undergo.

All the process mentioned here are almost common for all the products that we develop. Whether it's a small logo or huge website, We don't discriminate. Also, there may be discussions and follow ups occur before,during or post the development process and those are not included.
If you are not clear on the services we provide or the process we follow or should you have any other queries kindly reach out to us. We will be glad to answering your questions!


The first step for building your great product begins with gathering the inputs from you. This may be a formal one on one meeting or it may occur over a phone call if you prefer. Our team will sit with you and collect all your needs related to the website or the product. Not sure on your requirements, Don't worry we will be helping you out!


In this phase our expert team will analyse the requirements given and provide suggestion for enhancing the requirements of the product or the website. This section will also cover the Planning. Here our team will finalize the requirements after brainstorming and get the written consent from you as a confirmation for freezing the requirements.


Hola! Your great website is getting started here in this phase by our awesome web designers. We will design and develop the website you requested within the mentioned time frame. During this phase, our design team will be in contact with you or the person you have appointed to take care of the website development and you will be updated with the status and updates through e-mail and phone calls.


To err is Human. All man made things are prone to error. We strive a lot to give you the error free product by performing various testing like black box, white box, functional, performance and User acceptance testing to give you the best possible product. Post Testing our team will be showing you the demo on how to use the website and other related stuffs. Once you are satisfied with the product, it will be launched. Congrats your Product is alive in Internet!